Best Law Schools In USA For You

The best law schools in USA are vital components of your career. They are the ones that can give you knowledge about legal practices and hone your skills to become an excellent lawyer. Be smart in your decision so start by looking at this list before making a choice.

Outstanding Choices With the Best Law Schools in USA Based on Acceptance Rate

  1. 7.9%. The Yale Law School, which is one of the best law schools in USA, opens its doors to approximately 638 students. There are 11 concentrations offered while those who plan to pursue a joint degree program are given 5 options. This private school requires 83 curriculum hours for students to graduate.
  2. 9.8%. Famous for being one of the consistent US best law schools, Stanford Law School accepts about 571 students from different parts of the world. There are 6 options offered for those who wish to achieve a joint degree program and 12 concentrations. If you want to graduate from one of the best law school in US, you need to complete 86 curriculum credit hours at Stanford.
  3. 13.3%. Harvard Law School, which is one of the US best law schools, has about 1,679 students. There are 6 concentrations while those who want to get more opportunities can choose among 6 options for their desired joint degree program. 84 curriculum credit hours are needed before a student can graduate in this school.
  4. 15.8%. Regarded by many as the best law school in US, Columbia University Law School accepts about 1,332 students. If they get in this best law school in USA, they can pick among 8 concentrations plus an option to go for a joint degree program. Before you graduate, you need to earn 83 curriculum credit hours.
  5. 17.5%. If you want to have more chances in the best law school in US, the University of Chicago Law School may be what you are looking for as it accepts 624 students. This best law school in USA only provides 2 joint degree program options and one for concentration. 105 hours are what you need before you are an awarded of a law degree.

Choosing a school is always the tricky part. Fear not because you have this post to guide you and see which will work best for your goal. Take your pick among these best law schools in USA.